Monday, October 02, 2006

Double wide

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Same situation as the chevrons chap. Cars are moving left to deal with the traffic island. But this time we're twice as wide.

And is that a bicycle rack on the back? The shame!

I didn't park on the chevrons

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This is my favourite of this morning's batch. OK, class, can we figure out why the cycle lane might be moving left? (The lane actually goes around a line of parked cars - a situation I'm not happy with as it puts you right in the firing line of the driver's door, but it's better than the alternative).

What was that? That's right. There's a pedestrian crossing coming up so the cars are moving left to avoid the traffic island. So what does our not-a-biker do? Park so that cyclist have to move out into traffic that is coming the other way. Genius.

Why this?

Boston Manor Road in Ealing has a cycle lane that runs nearly all the way down it. Every bleedin' morning you can use about 50% of it because there are cars parked at intervals all the way down it, meaning cyclists have to swerve into traffic to get around the parked cages.

I could deal with that, were it not for the fact that the London Assembly has started a "crackdown on selfish cyclists" ( . Given that sweet FA seems to be done about selfish car drivers I'm going to be slowly documenting the people who endanger other people's lives because they caren't be arsed to walk more than 10 feet.

The sad thing is that all of these selfish parkers are perfectly within the law. No part of the cycle lane is solid, which Highway Code rule 119 says you MUST not park in, so the drivers are merely encouraged not to park in the lane. This'll be lipservice then - Ealing, which otherwise has a good record on cycling, gets to tick the box about how much it has committed to the London Cycle Network, while in fact *there is no usable cycle lane*.

Meanwhile the government, ever keen not to upset middle England too much as we prepare for $100-a-barrel oil, is postulating a change to the Highway Code which says that cyclists MUST use facilities where provided. My gentle argument would be that there is no cycle lane to use as it is never actually available to use.

I crush bicycles with my Swedish tank!

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Not content with merely parking in the cycle lane, our driver friend here has decided to make a political statement by actually attempting to crush the painted bicycle.

Safety notes: this is at the top of a hill (bridge actually), next to Boston Manor Tube station.